In my own life when I think about my favourite photos, it’s the ones that feel nostalgic. My favourites are the ones where I’m surrounded by the people I love, in the places I love, doing the things I love, or where I’m making new memories with the people I love. It’s in those photographs where the nostalgia hits and that's what I want for you too, because photos that let you remember what it felt like are just the best!! 

I photograph weddings, couples, and families in Kelowna, Penticton, and all over the Okanagan and really anywhere else you want to take me! I really love creating art + documenting stories that fill your own personal history book. I feel incredibly lucky to be a part of your wedding day, or documenting your family, so thank you for being here and checking out my work and what kind of shenanigans I'm in to. I can't wait to hear from you (:


1. playful 

2. sporadic

3. unpredictable, makes me laugh. but sometimes she copies my jokes. like what the heck 

4. random

5. odd, in a good way 

6. only calm and collected when in an important situation 

7. when happy, like a plant flailing in the wind

8. energetic 

9. has really good vibes

10. intentional vibes

11. has soft heart and is caring

12. is an achiever

13. she a hard worker and makes big efforts for her goals. I respect business woman! 

13 things my husband said to describe me:

15 Places you might find me when I'm not at a wedding or photographing you

1. riding my bike downtown to hang with friends or to go to chicko chicken or the beach

2. at a cafe having a work date with my work wives/bffs

3. bouldering at Gneiss or climbing outside on real rock! (also eating snacks and drinking sparkling water while everyone else climbs)

4. shooting 35mm film everywhere

5. in my kitchen cooking + eating

6. at my sewing machine

7. at the lake in a floatie

8. watching youtube, but only on 1.75 speed

9. at the thrift store 

10. on my couch being cozy, reading, napping

11. on my balcony shouting at no one in particular “there’s a double rainbow!!!”

12. on facebook scrolling marketplace for my next score 

13. in Danae’s living room (on the massive sectional that I scored on marketplace)

14. being passenger in Pierre’s truck, either off roading or enroute to a new camping spot

15. at the grocery store because grocery shopping is fun for me

if you like lists, this is for you


If you're interested in my photography to document your wedding, elopement, love story, or family, I would love to hear from you!

My desire is to create photographs that leave you with a feeling, a memory, or nostalgia.


Editorial-meets-documentary photography on film and digital in the Okanagan: from Penticton to Kelowna to Vernon and everywhere in between + the Greater Vancouver Area. A visual history of your love story — wedding + elopement + family.

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Creating a visual history of your love story — wedding + elopement + family.