Wintery High Rim Trail Elopement // Kelowna Elopement Photographer

What do you get when two Manitobans fall in love and want to get married in Kelowna and there’s 3 feet of snow.

You get two Manitobans married in 3 feet of snow. And also they hiked for an hour to get to their ceremony spot. And the bride tucked her wedding dress into her snow pants. And Danika thought she would die cause her short legs could barely clear the snow, but she had so much fun and fricken loves an adventure and is so happy when people get married in ways that are meaningful to them. My favourite kind of weddings to photograph are the ones when people get married how they want to get married (:

Riki and Rich eloped in Kelowna in January after a snowstorm. They’re from Manitoba and they love the outdoors + hiking, so the snow didn’t really scare them. They wanted to find a private spot with a natural backdrop to have their ceremony so we chose a spot along a river about an hour from Big White. Their elopement plans were a complete secret a their vows we’re so heartwarming and funny, but I can’t share them with you because they might not have been rated PG haha – and also don’t be so nosy, sometimes vows are meant to not be shared with the internet 🤪

They kept telling me that they weren’t very photogenic and weren’t used to being in front of the camera, and I totally get how weird it feels to be in front of a camera but as you’ll see in the photos they clearly are very photogenic. But also, that doesn’t matter because the most important thing is that you’re present and you’re having fun, and you are with your favourite people, and you’re in love. That makes my job easy because it means photographing real moments and real memories so that when you look back on these photographs you have a memory attach them and not just a stiff pose staring at the camera.

Something I can’t get out of my head is that in the decade of being together, Riki and Rich have shared a notebook which they write random notes AND love letters to each other every now and then. They wrote their vows for their wedding day in there too. How incredibly special and cool is that to have so many memories and growth and stories and letters in one place?!

All right dear reader, go forth and take in the photographs from this incredible day 🫶🏼

PS. If you want to have an adventurous elopement too, definitely bring Sue Cairnie to officiate your wedding. She is so sweet, fun, down to earth, and up for an adventure (she was definitely the most prepared for our hike with her own snow shoes). Also please bring me, I love working with Sue and I love photographing adventurous elopements – rain, shine, or snow!!

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